Registration Process



The John Holland Contractor Management process for the New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility (NIF) Project is detailed below in two parts:

  1. John Holland Company registration (in the John Holland system)
  2. Rail Industry Worker registration and induction bookings (in the RIW system)

Please allow yourself time to complete the registration, including time to source and upload your company documents and information.

The two-part process is outlined below. Click to expand each section for details. More information can be found on the FAQ’s and Documents page.

Let’s get started!


Step 1 > Apply for registration

Select Create Account and:

> Register your name, preferred user name, email address and password.

> Submit these details and you’ll be emailed a confirmation of your login details.

Step 2 > Register your business details

Using your new details, login to the John Holland Contractor Management System >

Follow the process to register your business details, which includes entering and selecting:


+ Business details

+ Contact details

+ Business address

+ Postal address

+ Phone, email, fax

Step 3 > Register your company

Next, you’ll step through a business registration, which involves selecting the insurances and licences your company can supply to support your registration, as well as completing a building code declaration and answering some diversity and business development questions.

Please ensure you review and select your choices carefully. Later in this process (Step 5), you’ll be prompted to upload evidence of your selections here, including the specific insurances and licences. More information about the required documents can be found on the FAQ’s and documents page.

Step 4 > Pay for your registration

You will now be categorised and pay for your registration. Company subscriptions cost $100 + GST annually.

Step 5 > Upload insurances and licences

You’ll next be prompted to upload copies of the licences and insurances you selected in step 2 for verification.

The mandatory requirements are:

  • Public and Product Liability ($20M)
  • Workers Compensation

You may also need to supply:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Plant & Equipment Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Personnel Income Protection
  • AS/NZ4801 Certification
  • Work Activity Company Licences (ie electrical, plumbing & gas fitting)
  • Safety Management System
  • Environmental Policy
  • Sustainability Policy

You must also confirm that you comply with (and ensure all Contractor Responsible Parties comply with) all Industrial Relations Law (including, without limitation, the Building Code and Item 3 of Schedule 23) and provide a copy of your John Holland Assessment of Compliance Report.

Step 6 > Submit your application

Once you have loaded all of your documents, submit your application and continue on to Phase 2, detailed below.


All NIF Project workers are required to hold a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card with the following roles:

  • John Holland – New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility – RSW, OR John Holland – New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility – Non-RSW
  • TfNSW – Operator
  • Relevant plant and equipment operator roles

Rail Industry Worker is a national competency management system for rail workers. Please visit the Rail Industry Worker process page to learn how you can apply for RIW cards for your workers. The process is outlined below for RIW card applicants.

If your worker is an existing RIW cardholder, then you may skip to step 3 below, ensuring they hold the correct roles for this project.

Step 1 > Company registration

Go to the Rail Industry Worker system. If your company isn’t already in the system, enter your ABN and details to register for an account. Once approved, you’ll be emailed login details to the system.

Step 2 > Enter employees/contractors

With your login, you can now enter and edit your employees in the Rail Industry Worker system – this includes personal contact details, address, phone and email.

Step 3 > Select roles

Next, you will select the roles required to complete your work on the John Holland NIF Project.

  • John Holland – New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility – RSW, OR John Holland – New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility – Non-RSW
  • TfNSW – Operator
  • Relevant plant and equipment operator roles

Step 4 > Upload competencies & book inductions

You will now be prompted to upload documents to support the qualifications and competency for your worker to complete the roles selected in Step 3. You will book any Online Inductions and Site Familiarisation sessions required.

Your worker will be emailed a link to the NIF Online Induction once Step 5 is complete. On successful completion of the training, they will receive a certificate.

Step 5 > Order and pay for card

Order and pay for the Rail Industry Worker cards for your workers. Cards cost $100 + GST and are valid for 10 years, with a $30 + GST annual renewal and maintenance fee. Training cost $10 + GST.

Step 6 > Complete 100 point ID check

Upon payment, you’ll be emailed an ID check form for each employee. They must take this form and 100 points of identification to Australia Post. There, a photo will be taken for their Rail Industry Worker card.

Step 7 > Pegasus validates competency and adds competencies to contractor

Once the 100 point ID check has been approved by Australia Post, Pegasus will validate the documents you uploaded during registration. The relevant competency will be assigned to your employee, and registration approved.

Step 8 > Cards printed and sent

Cards will be printed and sent via regular post.